Anti-Trafficking Educational Curriculum

Considering Working Abroad?

Be careful.

Be skeptical.

In many cases, Albanian girls offered work abroad are sold to foreign brothels.

Often, these girls made similar mistakes which increased their chance of becoming victims.

Read on, so that you won’t make the same.

1. If a job offer is a real one, it is common practice to sign on official, written contract of employment.

2. Do not sign any paper that you cannot read because it is in a foreign language (you won’t know what you are signing).

3. Always think twice before making any decision. Ask for more time. Be suspicious of the person offering the job or making a proposal (even if that proposal is for marriage).

4. If you agree to go to a foreign country legally, you must have a passport and a visa.

5. If you agree to go to a foreign country with someone, you should be able to give your family the address and telephone number of your future accommodation and the detailed data of your employer. Ask the police to verify this information.

6. Collect as many addresses as you can in the foreign country where you can turn in case of trouble.

7. Note the phone numbers of the Albanian embassies abroad.

8. There should be at least one person that you regularly call. You should agree on how often you call him/her and find a good secret password in case you call but are in trouble and can’t speak openly.

9. Leave a photocopy of your passport as well as a recent photo at home.

10. As soon as you arrive, notify your family. 

11. Do not believe in easy money. You could be sold like a slave.

While Staying Abroad:

1. Never hand your passport over to anybody.

2. If your passport is needed for arranging official matters, you should always be present.

3. Never accept any gifts or favors. You should not feel obliged to anybody.

4. Call home on a regular, pre-arranged schedule. 

5. If you are kept confined, sold, or forced to work as a prostitute, you have the right to seek protection and assistance under any circumstances, even if you have gotten involved in some small criminal offense (e.g., illegal stay or work in the country, false documents, black market work, shoplifting, etc.)

6. Go to the local Albanian embassy, police, church, or international humanitarian organization for asylum and assistance!

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