Amy L. Sebes, Founder

Amy has been a high school English, Psychology, and Critical Thinking teacher for the past three decades in six U.S. states and six countries. She drafted the national anti-trafficking curriculum that has been used in selected Albanian middle and high schools for many years. She has served as an editor of numerous English language teaching materials and taught English on TV as part of the Educational Broadcasting Service in Korea.  In addition to her social work with trafficking victims in Albania, she has also worked with former political prisoners in Burma, orphans in India’s largest slum, and at-risk high school students in Arlington, VA.

D. Sh., Albania Director

D. Sh. is the Albania Director of AAGW.  She received a BA in English from Tirana University and has worked as a high school English teacher in Albania as well as a health educator, community developer, and social worker for Caritas Switzerland, Caritas Germany, and Kinderhaus. D.Sh. has been working with victims of human trafficking for the International Organization of Migration (IOM), D & E, and AAGW since 2002. For reasons of security, her name may not be publicized on this website.

Aida Abedini, U.S. Director

Aida has been an AAGW Board member since 2018, is originally from Albania, and works for the federal government in Washington, DC.  Aida has a passion for volunteering, and in addition to her new role as U.S. Director, she volunteers with the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project.


E.C., President

E.C. is the ninth elected president of AAGW. Elections are an important step in empowering our members. E. is 21 years old and came to the shelter when she was 19. For reasons of security, her identity must be kept private in her country. 

Linda Reid, Director of Communications

Linda has been a volunteer with AAGW since its founding, eager to assist in a small way the efforts of her longtime college friends with helping victims of trafficking in Albania. She spent 20 years working in college and Olympic sports publicity and now is a college and grad school admissions essay editor. In addition to sitting on the steering committee for the non-profit John R. Wooden Award, Linda has served on the Board of Education of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District in California since 2014.

Alison McGann, Technology Director

Alison met AAGW founder Amy Sebes while at Stanford University, and Alison has also been a volunteer with AAGW since its founding.  After earning her MA, Alison spent 10+ years as a researcher at NASA investigating aviation safety and automation issues.  She's held several volunteer positions in her local community and currently works for Mission College in Santa Clara, California.

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