Anti-Trafficking Educational Curriculum

High School


(To be given in conjunction with Lesson #1)

Directions: As the small group “Leader,” read the following directions out loud to your group. “Turn to a sheet of paper in your notebook and label at the top of a page the words ‘My Opinions.’ I will read ten statements, and each of you should decide how much you agree or disagree with each one using a scale of 1 – 10. When you are ready after each statement is read, you should write down your number choice; 1 = strongly agree and 10 = strongly disagree and then look up at me so that I will know you are done. Do not lose this piece of paper, as we will be referring to it again at our next class. We will not discuss your responses at this time. Any questions?” 

You should read the first statement, pause to let group members think and write down their answers, and only read the next statement until everyone is ready. Do the same with all the statements.

Statement #1: People who get involved with trafficking could escape if they really wanted to.

Statement #2: Victims of trafficking know what they are getting themselves into.

Statement #3: Girls who are trafficked are immoral because they have become prostitutes.

Statement #4: Victims of trafficking deserve the help of the government and Albanian citizens. 

Statement #5: Girls who are trafficked must somehow be a little stupid to get involved with a pimp.

Statement #6: Girls who are trafficked get involved because they need the money and have no other way to get it. 

Statement #7: Girls who are trafficked have brought their fate upon themselves; nothing can be done for them, and the government should not waste money trying to help them.

Statement #8: If someone I was attracted to fell in love with me and promised me a great job far away, I would believe him/her.

Statement #9: Girls who are trafficked are victims; it’s the traffickers who are guilty of committing crimes.

Statement #10: I could never be trafficked.

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